About the Luxury Love Swing

I was so excited to discover the Luxury Love Swing and I'm convinced that this will positively transform sexual intimacy for pregnant couples. In fact I gave it such a big thumbs up for pregnancy that I included it in my latest book Pregnant Sex.
It has a comfortable and secure seat that can be easily adjusted to support her growing bump during sex. Her partner can sit or stand to arouse her pregnant splendor as she relaxes back in ecstacy without the usual aches and pains that can sometimes prevent pregnant couples from fulfilling their sexual desires. This love swing is an excellent pregnancy tool and like me, it actively encourages pregnant couples to explore what turns them on during their transition to parenthood.
Rachel Foux
Sex Therapist

Venture out of the bed and on to the luxury love swing for a truly titillating and exhilarating sexual experience.

With comfortable padded leather, the love swing offers complete support for the neck and back as well as convenient foot supports for a multitude of different positions. Not only will the love swing increase your physical stamina it will shift your focus to the pleasure and intimacy of love making with minimum exertion.

With a choice of three different colours and two easy fittings the love swing can be reclined or used in the chair position giving you a great variety of different ways to make love.

If youíre feeling sexually adventurous the love swing is perfect love making aid for you. Itís not restricted to the bedroom you can put your love swing wherever you like, from the living room to the Garden; The choice and pleasure is all yours!


Your Luxury Love Swing comes in its own box and is very quick and easy to install for the first time and to put up and take down when needed.