The installation of your Luxury Love Swing is very simple and will take only a few minutes with a few standard tools.

1. Choose a place that you will enjoy love making. This can be anywhere, over your bed or in a corner of the bedroom or even the middle of the living room; the swing can be put up anywhere there is a strong beam, joist or even outdoors on a branch.

2. A floor space of about approx 5 ft sq is suggested.

3. The swing is designed for 7 to 9 foot ceilings. If your ceiling is over 9 feet you will need some chain to connect to the D rings on the swing. The chain should be rated for over 500-pound test.

4. The Luxury Love Swing hangs from 2 points (i.e. 2 hooks screwed into 2 joists).

So how strong is the luxury swing? Each strap will take a 940kg - thatís 134 stone per strap!! Each cam buckle will take 430 kg and all the stainless steel is 316 medical grade steel, they wonít bend - the leather is all grade 1 calve leather. So the swing can safely take up to 25 stone!

But it is all down to the load on the beam or ceiling joist, if you are in any doubt as to the load of your particular hanging point, you should seek the advice of a professional.


  1. Find a suitable joist. Ideally use a joist finder (follow manufacturerís instruction). You can also find a joist by tapping the ceiling and listening for a denser sound of the joist between the hollow sounds of the gaps.
  2. When you think you are on a joist you should tap a nail in and keep tapping till it goes hollow again. Put another nail (to find the other side of the joist) now drill a hole right in the middle of the two nails. At this stage only use the 3mm bit (that way if you miss you will not have holes all over you ceiling) and make sure you are in solid wood.
    Now use the 7mm bit and drill to a depth of about 60mm.

Screw in the eye screw, when it gets hard to turn use the screwdriver, screw it in as far as it will go.

The two eyes should be at least 1 meter apart, I think thatís about the minimum, but you can go wider if you like. We recommend for the larger user that you space the eyes further apart for maximum comfort.

Now find the other joist in the same way, and put the eye screw in, now you are ready to fit the swing. Clip the swing on to the hooks, making sure you do not have the webbing twisted, now set the approximate height.