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Just bought and already addicted to it. It is so easy to install.
I have 3 paintings here waiting 2 years to go on the wall and now all of a sudden the swing is hanging there and the paintings are still in the cupboard. Hubby seems to have his priorities right. Shipped abroad and delivered discretely in a professional way. It is so easy to install and so easy to use. Once you get it installed it is so much fun trying all the positions that suit you as a couple in a made to measure way.
The straps make it so easy to pull your loved one close at every angle and are adjustable for all sizes. The lady can assume any position without any effort and can just concentrate on her enjoyment.
The man needs no muscular activity at all so he can use all his energy on pleasing the lady (or vice versa) It is more comfortable then any bed ever will be and the feeling of freedom is just fantastic. The quality of the product is wonderful and can not be compared to other “ love swings” on the market which are just a couple of expensive straps.
This should not be thought about as just another sex gadget but as a worthwhile investment in a couple’s love life.

KP. Belgium

What a great product the Luxury Love Swing is! Installation is as simple as can be and once it's up you won't want to get out of it! I know my better half loves it and would live in it if she could!

It is the best addition to our house for ages. Comfy, well made, very stylish (particularly as ours is in purple) and hours of naughty fun and positions.
From a guys point of view, it is a lifesaver if you have a slightly dodgy back. I can go for as long as I like with this fabulous swing and I don't feel like I have run a marathon afterwards.
It is lovemaking at its most simple and needs very little effort except for a nice regular rocking motion! Of course you can rock as hard or a gently as you like. Whatever you do, she'll be begging you for more! Easily adjustable for optimum penetration, it just couldn't be better or easier.
The build quality is superior to any other swing I have seen on the market and this is an investment I would recommend to any couple (or group!) who want to leave the bed behind and try something a bit different. 10 out of 10!"
Mark from Skin Two Magazine


Absolutely amazing, fantastic product!

Really impressed, perfect for love making.

Buy with confidence and ENJOY! I can`t recommend it highly enough!

Jurgita. London

Hi Mark.....and your female assistant.
I purchased a Luxury Love Swing at BBB today and 2 hours after leaving the venue (it`s a 1 1/2 hour drive home),it was hanging from the lounge ceiling (mind you,I`ve already got hooks in my ceiling).
A few points I would like to make...
1) Your Luxury Love Swing is preassembled,so there`s no step by step/flat pack instructions to follow.
2) Take your Luxury Love Swing out of the box and lay it on your floor/carpet,facing the desired direction and spread the straps away from the cushions.
3) Standing to the side of your Luxury Love Swing (facing it) and under 1 of your hooks,take the first Anchor Block and offer the "D" ring up and secure it.Repeat with the second "D" ring.
4) You may find,as I did,that some of the straps are "twisted".this is not a problem as it easier to re-arrange the straps with the cushions suspended.
5) With all the suspension straps free,untangled and secure,your Luxury Love Swing is now ready for use.
How good was it for you?.
Well,I think it`s fair to say that "WOW!!!" is not enough,"FANTASTIC!!!"...yeah,you`re getting there....yes!!,we christened it tonight.Suffer from Back Pain?,not any more,just let your Luxury Love Swing do all the work.Something tells me that there`s going to be a few more hooks going in ceilings around the house....this is 1 piece of equipment that is deffinately not going to stay in the cupboard.If you are in 2 minds about purchasing a Luxury Love Swing think no more,I assure you,you and your partner will not be disappointed. 
Alfie & Kat  (Bristol)

Alfie & Kat

Close your eyes. Imagine floating on air with the most amazing sensations coursing through your body. You are relaxed, yet aroused, and the feelings build and build, culminating in an intense climax.
That is exactly what the swing is like. It has to be experienced to appreciate just what a great invention this is.
Thank you Mark and Sarah for an amazing experience I plan to enjoy again, and again ..


Top quality, supremely comfortable and endless fun!
My partner loves this as she is supported in any position. It takes the  strain off either of us, leaving us able to concentrate on having fantastic sex. We would highly recommend the luxury love swing and if this is the only peice of equipment you buy, rest assured you, like us  can look forward to many happy years of use!


This swing is a must have for couples who like to have sex in alle possible positions. It is very comfortable for a woman to lie in the swing, no straps irritating. The man can put her anyway he wants in a second. Bottom or pussy up?...just pull two straps and go for it....When you like to have long sex-sessions, no problem. You feel like you are floating and you don't have any problems with gravity. My husband has put a big mirror above the swing on the ceiling, so I can see myself while I am hanging in the swing. He also put a rod above, so I can pull myself up.


Extremely comfortable for both of us, a very unique swing, so much better then the others we have tried, we both highly recommend it to everyone.

shelly & ken USA

Dear Mark, It was a sensational feeling for my partner, laying in the sling. The feeling of weightlessness was amazing for her and for me it was great to play with her without getting tired. For all these people who are interested in buying: This is the best offer you can get. Forget all the other slings, use this one and your lovelife will get an unbelievable boost!
All the best from Amsterdam!!!!!  Rob

Rob Straus

Hey, I bught a sex swing and it was amazing! I used  

Adam Witton

Just had to let you know how pleased I am with my new swing. It is remarkable for its versatility, adaptability and strength!! Since installing it in my Dungeon, which was very straight forward, it has had extensive use by friends and clients! The number of ways in which it can be used seems almost limitless and the ways in which it can be adjusted allow for people of all shapes and sizes to be accomodated very easily and in comfort. It has enabled me to show many people, even more ways to find real pleasure. At the end of a session, I can simply un-hook and remove, allowing me to utilise the space for other purposes and when needed, I simply hook up again. I am very pleased that I have added it to my extensive armoury!

Lady Selena

Having just last night experienced this wonderful sex toy at first hand, (ably demonstrated by Mark I have to say!) I feel it only right to put into words how this swing helped me to experience some of the BEST SEX I HAVE EVER HAD!!!!! The fact that you are weightless with no awkward pressures on your body, leaving you free to enjoy the sensual experience that penetration can give you was quite something !  Afterward all I could manage were two words..... "came hard!!!" Lol. The various adaptions that were available to the swing's set up gave much inspiration to one with a good basic sexual imagination and assures everyone who participates,  hours upon hours of sexual pleasure! This is now our top priority on the shopping list!! Marvelous idea!! Genius!!!

Clare & Action Man. x

Had my swing over a year now, it was so well built you wouldn't know it had been used so much. Easy to clean, and easy to fit up, i don't even bother to take it down anymore.  It is the envy of all on my swinging site, all the ladies yearn to try and experience the fantastic sex it enables and my diary is full. Those that have tried fell in love with it, all say it gave them the best oral ever. I had a bad back but the swing enabled many sessions of real hot sex without it causing me discomfort. It is so comfy to lay in I ever use it to relax and read or watch videos. Far far better than the cheap strap type that tend to rub and cut into you or uncomfortably fold you double. Strong too, easily took two ladies in 69 while two men took them from either end, the quality giving you peace of mind it is not going to collapse no matter how hard you play! 

Paul - Wales